Houston Foundation Repair

Houston Foundation Repair

Prepare site and lay foundations

Site preparation and foundations are usually carried out by your new home builders, who will clear the area from rocks, debris and any trees or roots that may obstruct the plot, and consequently the build. They will work to level the site, set the template for the foundation with wooden forms, and then dig the necessary holes and trenches.

Further preparations will be made if the property requires a full basement and the team will move forward by preparing the footings. Concrete will be poured and cured and after a short time a waterproofing membrane will be added to foundation walls and drains, a sewer and water taps will be installed (as well as any necessary plumbing that needs to be added to the first-floor slab or basement floor).

Drilling the Bell Bottom shaft requires a specialized tool. This tool will excavate a smooth 9 inch shaft that will extend to the required depth of the pier. When this step is completed the crew will then “cut” the bell bottom at the bottom of the shaft.

AAA Houston Foundation Repair Service offers the Bell Bottom Pier method of foundation repair exclusively. It is the only time tested and proven permanent solution. Leveling homes in Texas since 1984. Our web site offers engineering studies, arbitration warnings, online testimonials, comparison of methods of foundation repair, cost comparisons of different methods, and more. Free Inspections.