Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting

By Concrete Cutting Experts Country Saw-n-Core

A Look at Some of the Best Concrete Cutting Equipment

Contractors and home owners might find themselves needing to cut into concrete for a variety of reasons; from home renovations, right through to the installation of new features within a building. Once dried cement is well known for its structural integrity, so unless the right types of tools are used, the desired results can be all but impossible to achieve.

Thankfully the construction industry is more than capable of dealing with these requirements, but only because of the access to advanced tools and accessories that can help with doing so.

We’ll be taking a look at some of these tools; including how they work, what it is about them that makes them so affective and why they are best left to use by professionals. In brief, these devices fall into one of three categories; sanders, cutters and drills. We’ll be getting to know about cutting devices in particular, as they are deemed to be the most effective when it comes to treating concrete.

Cutting Blades

These tools often take on the form of circular saws, although they can vary in size; from small to the height of a vehicle. The smaller ones are often used to cut out squares where windows will be placed; or likewise with doors and other points of access. Larger blades may be required for bigger projects, including cutting into concrete flooring, and these models are often considered some of the best concrete cutting equipment available. The edges are tempered as standard, making them resilient to damage, with some featuring diamond-hard edges capable of cutting multiple layers of dried cement.

Sanding Disks

These disks are often used where cutting disks aren’t suitable, but they work in much the same way. Instead of cutting a thin line into the concrete being addressed, the sanding disk can be used to eat through the layer of cement, so that it can be further broken down. As a result these devices are commonly used when removing cement from a location, as opposed to reshaping it as would be the case with thinner cutting blades.

Concrete Chainsaws

This type of device could be considered a hybrid between a regular chainsaw and a cutting blade, as featured within a circular saw. They are very versatile and can be held by hand, or connected to hydraulic devices for larger projects. They are incredibly powerful, so much so that without the proper care, their misuse can be fatal. There’s no denying that they are some of the most beneficial accessories available to those undertaking a construction project however, especially when renovating.

These tools come in a range of performance grades, with some being better suited to personal endeavours and others being ideal for industrial requirements. Choosing the right type can make a lot of difference to a project, so it’s well worth considering obtaining advice from a construction agency before reaching a decision.