Fold Up Standpipes

A Guide to Fold Up Standpipes

Specialised standpipes are compact and can be packed away using hinges. They can be transported multiples at once, reducing set up time. Furthermore, they are designed to automatically shut down if the water supply is exhausted. In other words, you never have to worry about running out of water again. This is great for outdoor events and other applications where water supply is a limited resource. The following is a guide to fold up standpipes.

Felts Fold

Liquimech fold up standpipes have many benefits, including a flat load style pack that makes them easy to transport. The name of the product is a reference to Liquimech, an industrial liquid waste management company located in Perth WA. These standpipes have 50-foot sections that can be deployed in as little as 25 feet. Then, the hose can be rolled up and stored in a carry case.

New York Standpipe

The New York Standpipe fold up is a common hose pack for buildings equipped with standpipes. This video reviews how to deploy and repack a New York Standpipe. The video also shows how to use the hose bundle in a variety of different scenarios. It will help you save time and money by making your life easier in a fire. Read on for more information! Here are some tips and tricks for using your New York Standpipe fold up.


Whether you are working on a new construction site, or renovating an existing one, Liquimech fold up standpipes are the perfect solution. The modular construction means you can customize your unit to fit your needs, even in high wind zones. The super strong standpipes are designed to keep your workers safe, and reduce your costs, too. These units are available in six standard sizes. For the perfect combination of efficiency and versatility, Liquimech standpipes are available in a variety of standard sizes.

RD 123 Folding Standpipes use water in their base to increase stability and mobility. This quick and easy deployment design makes for quick setup and transport, with the ability to assemble multiple units at once. Featuring integrated fork pockets and rated lifting eyes, RD Standpipes can be moved and positioned quickly. The portable, lightweight, and versatile design increases productivity while providing a high level of safety.

Global Pumps

Global Pumps are one of the leading manufacturers of fold up standpipes. They are made of galvanised steel and fitted with tank fed centrifugal pumps or TORO self-priming pumps. They can be used in many industrial applications. All pumps are extensively tested in their workshops and backed by 43 years of experience. Global Pumps’ standpipes are also remarkably lightweight and easy to transport. Listed below are the key benefits of Global Pumps fold up standpipes.

One of the most important features of a folding standpipe is its ability to reduce installation time. The Global Pumps fold up standpipes feature hinges that allow them to pack down neatly. They can be transported in multiple pieces at the same time and reduce the time it takes to install them. Additionally, the standpipes feature an automatic shutoff if the water supply runs out. In addition, many of them feature a handy carrying handle to store and transport them.