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The information we provide includes details on the various types of jobs in the industry that may appeal or be suited to you. A selection of these jobs include:

  • Drillers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Machine Operators
  • Labourers
  • Shift Supervisors

and many others. We take into account your background, qualifications, skills etc and determine possible job positions for you. Once we have done this, we then provide details on the following:

  • Job Description
  • Working Conditions
  • Salaries (dependent on location of job)
  • Courses / qualifications you need to undertake or have

If you are serious about wanting to work in the mining industry, there is a lot to know before you starting applying for jobs. Don’t ruin your chances in the industry by applying for the wrong jobs, or the right jobs in the wrong places – as this can damage your future employment prospects.

Simply fill in the form below and click on the ‘Submit’ button. This will give us your details and also an idea of what type of job in the mining industry may suit you best, what you are looking for in a job, and also what your qualifications and work history are. We will then put together information which details exactly how you should go about getting work – this will include details of jobs in the industry that may appeal or be suited to you, salary estimates based on where you want to work, information on any additional training you may need and where to get it, as well as instructions on what to do next to secure a job.